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Instigator is docked and runs charters out of Wanchese Marina and The Landing Grill Restaurant.

Wanchese Marina

4457 Mill Landing Rd

Wanchese, NC 27981

Follow US-64 to NC-345 South

Frequently Asked Questions

Our boat is licensed by the state of North Carolina and you will not need individual fishing licenses while you are on our boat.
Definitely, you are welcome to keep your fish, however we try to release all billfish and other fish that are considered protected species. The captain is responsible for monitoring the species and number of fish caught.
The species of fish that will be caught depends on the charter trip you select and the seasonal locations of the various species. Capt. Ingram will be glad to discuss species among other determining factors when you are scheduling your trip or before leaving the dock. If there are better options for a specific species on a given day we will always make you aware beforehand.
There are fish cleaning facilities available at the Wanchese Marina. Please remember to bring a large cooler to transport your catch home but leave that cooler in your vehicle until we return from the trip.
We carry the latest fishing tackle from 30# up to 130# class outfits. You will not need to bring along any tackle or lures. If you would like to bring any lures or tackle with you please discuss it beforehand with the captain.
Unless you hear differently from the captain, it is best to plan to be at the dock before your pre-arranged departure time. If the captain determines that a trip would be unsafe he will give you the option of rescheduling another day or a full refund.
If you are prone to seasicknes (motion sickness) there are many over-the-counter pills available. However most come with several unavoidable side effects. The side effects can make you irritable and drowsy. If you are concerned with taking or even giving these medicines to your family please consider getting an electronic Reliefband. I have been using these bands for years. They even work well for those wild amusement park rides or reading a book while riding in a car.
We encourage our anglers to bring video and still cameras as well as cell phones. There is no better way to enjoy the memory of your experience. However, keep in mind that saltwater is not electronic friendly and electronics are not built for banging around in a boat. Please keep your electronics stored in a shock and waterproof case when not in use.Instigator can not be held liable for damage to these items.
The mate works hard to ensure that you have a safe and successful trip. In NC customary mate tips are between 15% and 20%.
  • Small cooler with enough food and drink for the day (Please do not bring any glass bottles or containers)
  • Layered clothing
  • Sunglasses (preferably polarized)
  • Sunscreen
  • Rubber soled shoes (preferably deck shoes)
  • Motion sickness medicine (if you are not sure about seasickness)
  • Cooler to take your catch home (please leave large coolers in your vehicle until we return)